Artsy fartsy stuff as a good friend once described it. I agree as I was never a patron of art let alone high society stuff. I went to the Louvre because it was the tourist thing to do…

Set in a building which is designed to extract respect, the amount of art displayed was enormous. I spent a good part of a day there but covered only a scratch.

So much art but so little knowledge. It made me feel embarrassed and out of place. I just wanted to hide and become a fly on the wall. That is until I saw her…

Mona Lisa with her perpetual smile. The world faded into a bokeh and only her smile remained. I grew up with the stories of the Mona Lisa. My mum used to tell me about her when I was barely 6… The minute our eyes met, the stories flooded back and the Louvre became more than a museum of artsy fartsy stuff…

Kawan, Péng You, Namban, Friend

Do not be frightened. We are friends you and I and we will walk together down this road they call life.

I was born with jaundice. The healing ultra violet was already taken up by another baby. Despite that, my mum carefully placed me in the corner of the same cot. An hour later she returned only to find two tiny bundles cuddled up as one. Thus begin my first friendship.

In the long often winding path of life, we meet strangers whose names are eventually known to us. We have come to call them friends. Some you guide and hold their hand while navigating potholes and puddles. Others guide you and hold your hand while they show you where the shortcuts are. Some stay only between two street lamps sharing illumination only for that moment. Others stay throughout the journey. A step apart but close enough to jump in with sticks and stones when dogs and other unsavory creatures threaten.

Before long, you realize how comforting it is to have these footsteps next to yours. They become part of you as much as you become of them.