Artsy fartsy stuff as a good friend once described it. I agree as I was never a patron of art let alone high society stuff. I went to the Louvre because it was the tourist thing to do…

Set in a building which is designed to extract respect, the amount of art displayed was enormous. I spent a good part of a day there but covered only a scratch.

So much art but so little knowledge. It made me feel embarrassed and out of place. I just wanted to hide and become a fly on the wall. That is until I saw her…

Mona Lisa with her perpetual smile. The world faded into a bokeh and only her smile remained. I grew up with the stories of the Mona Lisa. My mum used to tell me about her when I was barely 6… The minute our eyes met, the stories flooded back and the Louvre became more than a museum of artsy fartsy stuff…

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