Sun, sand but no sea…

Glories of the past...

It is hard to describe how I feel about this place. The place is assaulted by winds which blow dust that blinds the eyes and a sun which scorches but despite its hurtful rays, it is awfully cold. The people are harsh. Very harsh. The only thing in their mind is the size of your wallet and how to make it thinner.

There are many monuments and historical locations here. The most famous of which are the pyramids. Past glories defying the test of time. Typical of a city which was once the center of the civilized world. It looks so apocalyptic now. Post nuclear will be an apt description. Desolation will be another. A far cry from sunny and friendly Malaysia.

In front of this magnificent vestige of a glorious empire gone to dust, I stand… Wondering what the hell am I doing here?!?!

In case you have not figured it out yet, I am in Cairo!

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