The Triumphant Tower

From a very lonely spot on top of the world.

I waited for hours up there. It was 45 meters higher than the Great Giza Pyramid. Frozen cold and sniffing hard waiting for sunset. Eventually, the last filament of light gave way to darkness and the night begun. Clumsily, I constructed my flimsy tripod. I attached my camera with fingers numbed by the biting cold. Shivering, I carefully positioned the tripod forelegs against the balcony. I have never been a fan of heights. More so now, with the howling wind whipping my back. I painstakingly estimated the composition and slowed the shutter speed to a crawl. My heart was beating fast and thoughts drifted to my warm bed. Not for the first time, I was wondering about my mental well being. It took a long time but suddenly I was ready. I took a deep breath and peeked into the camera’s viewfinder. This is what I saw…

Life in all its splendor and glory.

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