Art lost to a Macha!

The guy on the drum obviously is not Elton John...

The simple truth about belly dancing is that only a woman can truly appreciate it.

The plunging neckline combined with the lack of covering material makes it difficult for a man… Any man of hetero origins to comprehend the art behind belly dancing.

The last time I saw a belly dance, I somehow managed to stem (hard as it was) my overflowing male instincts and look past the obvious sexuality to the subtlety of the dance. In that 1.03 seconds I pretended to be a eunuch, the hidden beauty of the dance became stunningly apparent.

The flowing steps combined with a gentle sway of the hips was pleasing to follow. This was often and coarsely punctuated with tight shakes controlled very firmly by a rhythmic drum. It was like watching a brush bringing a painting to life. Each stroke leading to a point knitting together a story through song and dance rather than color and canvas. In that brief moment, I was able to peek into the character of the brush… Her eyes filled with strength and pride which was both surprising and mesmerizing. Her lips often curved into a seductive smile. A smile which hid a powerful will able to hypnotize any gaze which had the misfortune of turning her way.

SNAP!!! My 1.03 seconds was up. Immediately a wave of enraged hormones flooded back and the mind which was so enlivened a moment ago once again could not get pass the distracting neckline…

Alas, the simple truth about belly dancing is that only a woman can truly appreciate it…………………… And maybe Elton John!