Pristina Moon

Should have brought my batman suit when I took this...

Damn moon! Can you be less beautiful?

I was waiting for the shutter to snap when a light flashed. I ignored it. I was excited. This is going to be a good shot. Then I was blinded again. This time a shout followed. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rising. It was dark. I was alone. I looked up and a fierce Albanian face looked back. I know 2 words in Albanian. Neither of which is going to help here. So, I gestured the photo snap action. You know the one where you use your index and thumb forming an inverted C. Fortunately it was universally understood.

Hm, time to pack up. One last shot. Naturally that turned to another 4 more.

Tyres skidded to my left. 4 chaps in a Golf GTI met my eyes with the sort of look only 4 guys in a compact can give you. The driver shouted something. I didn’t stick around to find out what that was. I turned my back and strode off. Why can’t I be left alone? I looked up. That was a mistake. Damn moon! Stop being so beautiful. Stop tormenting me. One last shot. That won’t hurt…

I should have just packed up and gone when I saw the 3 girls walking down the pathway. Stupid ‘need’ to be a perfectionist. Only started to pack when the laugh was close. By then, they were less than 10 feet away. Laughter became a suppressed cry. You guessed it. They saw me. Or rather, they saw a potential serial killer. I can’t blame them. It was dark where I was standing and I wasn’t wearing my cape.

Damn it! Now, I can’t shoot the broken window to my left with its brilliant backlight. Reluctantly, I started folding my tripod. The source of my discomfort were in deep discussion whether to pass me or not. One was openly staring at me with her hands on her hips, head tilted forward and it wouldn’t surprise me if her mouth was agape. After much debate, the one with the superior physique boldly stepped forward. She walked pass with tentative side glances. Her body language signaling that she was going to bolt screaming if I so much twitch in her direction.

Once again I gestured with my trusty index finger and thumb while mumbling out the word photography. I don’t think they heard me but the trailing girl did stop. She looked at me inquisitively. I repeated the word. Louder this time. She smiled. The tension dissipated. The others relaxed. Without another word, they ran off giggling and teasing each other. Girls! Deep inside, they never left primary school. I shouldered my tripod and didn’t look back. Neither did I look up. Not this time. Damn moon! Always getting me trouble.

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