Nice la Belle

Welcome to the Riviera...

Nice… Most people from the English part of the world will read that word to mean pleasant. However, Nice is also a place. South of France facing the Mediterranean. It has prestigious neighbors such as Cannes which is the seat of the oldest film fest in the world.


Nice is nice. I had to say that. It has always been at the back of my mind waiting to be said. But Nice is more than just pleasant. Fun, fast paced, magnetic will be far better words to define it. It is a city that does not believe in sleep. Unlike the other cities of France. Even the capital, Paris could learn a thing or two about nightlife from Nice. Cote d’Azur is the accentuated curve which punctuates Nice. A long rocky stretch of beach teeming with life. Human and otherwise. The lights never go out on the French Riviera.


I was there for a week. For work of course. Unfortunately Nice and I did not get acquainted as much as I would have liked. A few nights out in town. A couple of hours snatched here. A few glances there. A short fling was all we could manage. Work was all consuming. I knew she deserves so much more than just a few shots. There was so much to be discovered. I will come back. I know that for fact. Cote d’Azur made me promise. It was an easy one to make. Suffice to say Nice is not a taste easily forgotten or a promise made to be broken. She is after all a girl and a very beautiful one at that…

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