When all you have is Bob

Meet Bob the underwear.

I saw Bob looking at me. He was cheap at 4 Dinars but seem rather small in size. However, Bob knew I was desperate so he didn’t try too hard to impress. It’s hard being impressive when you live to protect and serve but are called Bob. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Bob is an underwear. Not a fancy one like Calvin but not cheap or trashy either. Mildrew was trashy. I guess that is why Bob never worried about not being picked up. He was the middle ground in the underwear selection at Carrefour. Considering I had to buy multiple sets of clothes, Bob was just the man for the job. I think his parents knew that hence his strange name.


Bob is awkward though. Unlike Mildrew, he is of course better built. However, it is rather cramp in Bob’s care despite being a double XL. He is definitely not as comfortable as Celio or as spacious as Levis who were both three times Bob’s price. However, I was glad I had Bob. I can’t imagine walking around commando in this cold weather.


Bob isn’t exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy but at least he was some cover against the draft. The biting cold if you know what I mean. So I trudge along with Bob daydreaming about my Byfords and wondering when are they going to find their way home. Sigh…

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