Why the Vikings are Proud

Lil Mermaid gazing at a free and just land.

Malaysia has and always been a flashy nation. We have twins whose shadows are longer than any other towers in the world. Our international airport extends for miles in every direction. We have highways long and flat from border to border. How many other nation can boast a city built from the ground for the sole purpose of administration?


Denmark in contrast is drab. There are no sky scrapers. Their airport is a simple affair. The roads seem full of potholes with a capital city which is a quarter of the size of mighty Putrajaya.


Despite all that, the Danish people are probably the most luckiest people in the world. While we in Asia still fight for basic human rights such as freedom, justice and equality, in drab Denmark, these rights have been around longer than our country. Their rule of law has transcended brittle things such as constitution. Their principles of democracy are more than just words written on paper. It is interwoven into the very fabric of their society.


Admittedly, there are no modern, glitzy or shinny towers to awe the eyes in Denmark. There is only the rule of a just and fair society to dazzle the mind and make envy all foreign hearts that yearn for such things.


This time, the heart is Malaysian and the yearning is strong.

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