Lusting after Kizomba

Would you like to dance? I ask my unsuspecting victim. She does know it yet but her feet are going to be stepped on. And thus, continues my adventure or rather misadventure with the hottest dance babe these days, Senhorita Kizomba. Our story is about chapters and chapters of broken feet and toes. Not necessarily mine…

But then again, I am getting ahead of myself. Since we last spoke, I was resigned to the fact that I cannot dance Salsa Porto Rican as I have my plate full of dance already. I lied…

As of today, I am signed up for no less than 4 different dances. Salsa Porto Rican, Bachata, Kizomba and of course my first true love, Salsa Cuban. They all coexist in my life now. Unhappily I might add as I do not spend nearly enough time with all of them. Every time I learn a different dance, I feel like I am cheating on the other. The worst offense has been against my longest and most loyal companion, Salsa Cuban. The sultry energetic beauty who introduced me to the wonderful world of escapism that is dance. She has been there from the start but like all loyal partners, you tend to take them for granted and thus she is the dance I spend the least amount of time with these days.

True, Salsa Cuban may have been my first love but I lust strongly after Kizomba. Interesting to note that she has always been my favorite. Since the very first day I saw her on the big dance floors of MamboRock, I was in love. Oddly enough, I flirt with her in the most awkward manner possible. While I am smooth and charming with the Salsa sisters and have recently become very sensual with Bachata, I struggle with Kizomba. The fact that she originates from Angola could be a reason for it. Unlike the other dances, she lacks the normal rhythm counts. I struggle with this point. As creative as I am, I still need the classic 4 and 8 beat that guides the Latin dances. You cannot go wrong in the frame of these classic beats. If you miss a step or lose the count, you can always recapture it during the next cycle of beats. There is a failsafe that allows you to recover from errors.

This is not true for Kizomba though. She is unforgiving. If you miss the beat, forget a step or even fail a weight transfer, you might as well stop dancing. You will be out of sync with your partner and chances are your feet will intertwine and someone will get stepped on. It is harsh and it happens often. Especially for someone who has just started dating Kizomba. I stop counting the number of glares I have received from my partners for getting the step wrong or moving in the wrong beat. Now getting the beat wrong often perplexes me. As the famous phrase goes: “Kizomba, It’s Not On 1 Or On 2, It’s On You”. Therefore, considering there are no counts attached to the rhythm, I often wonder how a person can move to the wrong beat. And yet you can. Horrendously. It is obvious even to someone who does not dance Kizomba.

A smooth Kizomba Casanova told me once it is all about feelings. Go figure. No wonder the fairer sex has such an easy time with it. They are after all more in touch with their emotions. For someone that makes a living out of 0s and 1s in front of a rectangular computer screen, this does not occur easily. Of course, I can argue that my intimate relationship with the Latin sisters helps a lot as they have trained my ear to be sensitive to music temperature and changes. However, Kizomba musicality comprehension is a different animal altogether.

Of course, there are some who have successfully captured Kizomba’s heart. They know how to press all her buttons just at the right time with the right touch. They glide. Literally. Like swans on a lake. The dance floor parts for them and their amazing fluidity ripples outwards charming everyone watching. Along with the rest, I look on green with envy. However, envy is not always bad though. It sometimes leads to action. And thus, I hesitantly invite my next victim to dance. 😉

Doing Salsa… Porto Rican Style

Yesterday I dated the cousin of my usual Salsa style. Elle s’appelle Salsa Portoricaine (Her name is Salsa Porto Rican). After all, I do live in Grenoble and therefore my notes would occasionally be peppered by French phrases. It is to highlight how sophisticated I have become in my old age… Anyway, back to Salsa Porto Rican.

In short, it was a hoot. Brought back a lot of memories. I tried a similar style (Salsa LA) back in Kuala Lumpur a long time ago. Back then, I was barely passionate and was just doing it to break the monotony of life. Times have changed. Also my reasons for dance. This time around, I loved it from the moment go. Different style, different moves and definitely different songs. We were in an intermediate class and despite that, I picked up the figures rather easily thanks to a strong Cuban training and two sensational right feet.

What sets it apart? Well, the figures were in a straight line with an obsession for turns. I had this odd sensation that most of the moves were derivatives of Bachata figures. Or perhaps, it is the other way around and Bachata derived a lot of moves from Salsa Porto Rican. Not too sure about who stole from who but either way, it was interesting to draw the similarities. Considering I am currently seducing Bachata, one could say Salsa Porto Rican has become that much easier for me to get in bed with. About the music, I found it was more uplifting and contemporary than its Cuban cousin. All in all, a lot of reasons to invest my time and shoe life in it…

However, when I thought about committing to her (Salsa Porto Rican), commitment phobia started rearing its ugly head. Not always a bad thing considering I am already stretched thin as it is with Bachata, Kizomba and Semba on the rooster for the coming year.

Can I actually commit to a fourth wife? Even though she could be something I might be able to pick up fairly quickly. Then again, unless I accept staying at the shallow end of the dance pool for Bachata and Kizomba, I do not think I would be able to shower her with the attention that she deservedly needs.

If only we lived in a perfect world. In such a world, I would be able to dance sixteen hours a day without a day job to tie down my feet. In such a world, a Saudi princess will be head over heals over me and will finance my passion with her oil wells. In such a world, I would have started dance classes even before I learned how to walk. Sigh.

Since we are in this world with its imperfections, for the moment at least, I would stick to just three and spend the additional hours looking for my Saudi Princess…

Until then, If you find me sitting alone on the sidelines during a Porto Rican soirées with a wistful expression on my face, you would understand why… Four is just one too many.